Menomale Pizza Shop Owner Fears City Anarchy

A hard truth that Mariya Rusciano, owner of the Menomale pizza shop in Northeast D.C., has to face is that the city’s rising crime rate is a worry. Even, people in Washington, D.C., usually feel good and happy when they smell pizza.

Menomale Pizza Shop: Everyone gets the Christmas blues, which make you feel bad.

Menomale Pizza Shop Owner Fears City Anarchy

Rusciano made fun of the fact that it was now “officially start of the holiday season, AKA, robbery season!” on social media. People steal things at this time. Someone said something nice for a good reason: during the holidays, thieves have been breaking into Menomale and Salumeria, the Italian market next door, for a number of years now.

I don’t like not having enough money and supplies.

It was less risky for the pizza place to not take cash and only stock the most basic items, but Menomale was still stolen. “There is literally nothing to rob, but the criminals don’t care because DC has fallen into ANARCHY!” Rusciano wrote on a social network.

How crime has gone from being rare to being common over time

Rusciano told WTOP that the city was very scary. It didn’t happen very often before, but now company owners like her see it as normal, which is sad. The fear used to happen once in a while, but now it’s something that people look forward to, especially around the holidays.

What’s New in Menomale Pizza Shop Since 2000

People in the Brookland area have known about Menomale for eleven years. During that time, there have been a lot of people and a scary rise in crime. Rusciano said that about five people have broken into her food business, Menomale, and three have broken into Salumeria. Even when there was security, people broke in and stole things like wine and liquor.

How important it is for city leaders to make things better

The city is having a rough time right now, and Rusciano believes that the people in charge should do something strong. Not just for herself, but also for all the nearby business owners who are having a tough time because crime is rising. There needs to be big change to make people feel safe again and show tourists and people who live in D.C. that it is still a safe place for businesses to grow.

A Call to Be Strong When Things Are Not Certain

What Mariya Rusciano goes through when she lives in an area with a lot of crime is the same thing that businesses in that area go through. People are both looking forward to good things happening and afraid that bad things will happen at this time of year. People are hoping that the city’s leaders will listen and do something to not only cut down on crime but also make people trust D.C.’s business community more.